Étiqueté : Urban policies

Shanghai future

China is in the midst of the fastest and most intense process of urbanisation the world has ever known, and Shanghai — its biggest, richest and most cosmopolitan city — is positioned for acceleration into the twenty-first century.

Fantasy islands

Book written by Julie Sze (University of California, Davis).

Uxcester Garden City project

David Rudlin of URBED was the winner of the Wolfson Economics Prize 2014, announced in September 2014, with the Uxcester Garden City project.

Jeremy Wallace on « China’s rush to urbanize »

Jeremy Wallace, author of Cities and stability (Oxford University Press), discusses ‘why big cities pose a danger for authoritarian governments, what China has done to undercut those threats and whether the current push to create megacities might chang…

Nested maps

Article written by Ms. Marlène Leroux, Phd.D candidate at the Laboratory of Architecture and Urban Mobility, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne.