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Animals and humans: sensibility and representation,1650-1820 |

Animals and humans: sensibility and representation,1650-1820 Éd. Katherine M. Quinsey Oxford University Studies in the Enlightenment 2017:04   European culture in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries witnessed a radical redefinition of ‘humanity’ and its place in…

The Good Earth

Parution du n° 2 (2017) de la revue en ligne et en libre-accès, Made in China.

The greening of Asia

From solar and wind power technologies to green buildings, electric cars, water services, and sustainable tropical forestry, Asian corporations are upending old business models in their home countries and throughout the world.

Food waste research in China

Presentation by Cheng Shengkui (Chinese Academy of Sciences) of a special session of the Last Food Mile Conference dedicated to the study of food waste in urban China.

Fantasy islands

Book written by Julie Sze (University of California, Davis).