Étiqueté : bibliothèque


Réforme des entreprises d’Etat en Chine : analyse des réseaux familiaux et des intérêts des salariés dans les grandes et moyennes entreprises (Beijing, shehui kexue wenxian chubanshe, 2002).


Victims of the Cultural Revolution:An Investigative Account of Persecution, Imprisonment and Murder (Hong Kong, Kaifang zazhi chubanshe, 2004).


In Memory of the CR: Minutes of the Symposium on the Cultural Revolution, Beijing, 2006 (Texas, Fellows Press of America, Inc., 2006).


The 40th anniversary of China Great Cultural Revolution: The Narration of Red Guard Tabloid Chief Editor (Texas, Fellows Press of America, Inc., 2006).


Souvenons-nous de la Révolution culturelle:analyse et rétrospection de dix ans de Révolution cultuelle en chine (Beijing, Zhonggong dangshi chubanshe, 1999).

Book-hunting in the City of Heroes

« Book-hunting in the City of Heroes » by Tom Hoogervorst, 20/07/2017, KITLV blog Situated in an inconspicuous residential area in the south of Surabaya, one could easily overlook one of Indonesia’s most intriguing libraries and its equally fascinating owner. Tom Hoogervorst looks back on a fruitful week of research spent at Medayu Agung. “Some of the books are a bit sticky”, says Mr. Oei Hiem Hwie, as he deftly separates the pages of a 1919 book on traditional medicine. “I had to hide my … Continuer la lecture de Book-hunting in the City of Heroes